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Muddy Flatts Polo Club

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Muddy Flats Polo Club  based in or near Bannaby, Bannister & Baw Baw in New South Wales, Australia.
This business was first added to the ABN register on 12th March 2013 and has been trading for 3 years.
Wal Ashton

James and Wal Ashton purchased Muddy Flatts in 1986. James later started the Millamolong Polo club which had a unique ambience.  We were members of WPC until Willo Polo encouraged the formation of Muddy Flatts two years ago.



 In those days WPC was a new club and battled to compete on the field with the likes of Sydney (Ken Austin) and Cobbity with Glen Laurey and David Head.  Greg Ballard was our star and the Windsor 14 Goal was a major Tournament.


Muddy Flatts got its name as back in the late 80’s and early 90’s as a result of huge winter rains.  One year it was up to the Club House roof.  Those in the Muddy Flatts caravans got very muddy.


In 1995 the late Mick Harley stayed in a caravan and moved the pathetic sprinkler that kept the recently drilled winter green cooch Polo field growing.  From 1997 on Muddy Flatts has had in excess of 300 tons of sand applied each year until this year when we applied 150 tons.  Over 4700 tons of sand has been applied to Muddy Flatts field.This is the reason we can nearly play Muddy Flatts in dry times and wet. This year Muddy Flatts was closed for three days due to rain and had there been pressure to play only one day was unplayable.


Over the last few years Muddy Flatts has become a registered Club.  Willo Polo is based there and the durability of the ground enables Willo Polo to play every day if the demand is there.  Muddy Flatts has found that it serves the polo community best as a practice ground.  Opportunity to practice polo in the basin can be difficult as the grounds are always prepared for tournaments.


Muddy Flatts encourages rated players to play at Muddy Flatts as it improves all our polo to play with better players.  Wal Ashton brings with him a number of professionals in the autumn and spring and one of their duties is to club build.  As a result free practice with the Wilson’s (7 goals & 6 goals) amongst others is available to club members.


Muddy Flatts believes that there is much pleasure to be had in other equestrian sports.  With our companion club (Tarlo Hill Equestrian Club) we hope to offer these opportunities to our members.


Muddy Flatts is the Country Polo Club in the city.